Obsessive Pop Culture Disorder

"Drew Grant"


Preview video from Mike Huckabee’s kids series, “Learn Our History.”  From Huckabee’s email to supporters today:

I’m proud to tell you about Learn Our History’s latest DVD, Election Day: Choosing Our President. In this important DVD, we’ve made it easier and more fun than ever for kids of all ages to finally grasp the complicated process of becoming the next Commander–In–Chief…I’m making this exceptional DVD FREE* for anyone who hasn’t yet tried the Learn Our History videos. Why am I doing it? Because understanding how we elect our President is at the root of our democracy…

* Well, actually it costs $4.95, for “shipping and handling,” and requires automatic enrollment in a program to buy a $17 video every month until you cancel. (There’s no asterisk in the email.)

On the other hand: Time travel, Ben Franklin, Huckabee playing bass and the question, “What about the slaves’ freedom of choice?”

Oh of course it’s the African-American girl asking that question!
  • 10 August 2012
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