Obsessive Pop Culture Disorder

"Drew Grant"


-Pop Profiles: Maroon 5 (Fuse TV)
-Pop Profiles: Kelly Clarkson (Fuse TV)

- A Day In The Life Of Your Standard Manic Pixie Dream Girl (Crushable)
- ‘The Babysitters Club’ by Bret Easton Ellis Part 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4 (Crushable)
- Alec Baldwin launches his mayoral campaign (Salon)
- A Date with Black Swan (Crushable)
- Angry Birds Conspiracy (Crushable)
-Occupy Wall Street: The Children’s Book ( New York Observer)
-Guest Column: South Dakota’s Richest Dog Reacts to News of The Daily’s Demise (New York Observer)
- Lame Excuses Roommate Has Given For Breaking a Date, or The Smiths Lyrics?(McSweeney’s)

Think Pieces
- Saved by Pop Culture: Six Feet Under (Salon)
-The Girls Effect: Why We’re Obsessed With the Chaos of Our Twenties (HowAboutWe.com)
-Bad Men: TV’s Most Reprehensible Antiheroes and the Women Who Love Them (New York Observer)

Ongoing Columns
-Girls Essay Prompts (New York Observer 1, New York Observer 2)
-Homeland Essay Prompts (New York Observer)
-Menace to Society ( New York Observer, Scene Mag, NYO Mag)

- Jay-Z (Crushable)
-George Saunders (New York Observer)
-Harmony Korine (New York Observer)
-Marc Maron (Salon)
-Lena Dunham (Crushable)
- Andrew Dice Clay (Salon)
-Neil Strauss (Salon)
- Mike Birbiglia and Ira Glass (New York Observer)
- Candace Bushnell (New York Observer)